All about treatment in Russia (hospitals, sanatoriums, prices 2022, reviews, doctors, methods, etc.)

All about treatment in Russia

Russia offers treatment for both adults and children in all areas of medicine and cost of treatment in Russia is much cheaper than in Europe or USA.

28 hospitals
34 hospitals
13 hospitals
39 hospitals
20 hospitals
25 hospitals
33 hospitals
15 hospitals
38 hospitals
35 hospitals
4 hospitals
49 hospitals
On our platform you will find information about 84 Hospitals from 29 cities of Russia. International departments of hospitals provide a translator, transfers and help with accommodation and visas. English-speaking hospital managers are available 24/7.
1 hospitals
2 hospitals
2 hospitals
2 hospitals
1 hospitals
1 hospitals
1 hospitals
1 hospitals
1 hospitals
1 hospitals
40 hospitals
3 hospitals
Sanatorium is a medical and prophylactic institution for the treatment of patients with predominantly natural therapeutic physical factors (climate, mineral waters, etc.) in combination with physiotherapy, physiotherapy exercises and therapeutic nutrition, subject to a certain regimen, ensuring full treatment and rest of patients. Sanatoriums in Russia are in every region of our country, and both natural factors and modern technical equipment are used for treatment and prevention. On our platform you will find information about 21 Sanatoriums from 10 regions of Russia.
4 sanatoriums
1 sanatoriums
4 sanatoriums
1 sanatoriums
1 sanatoriums
1 sanatoriums
2 sanatoriums
5 sanatoriums
1 sanatoriums
1 sanatoriums

Russia is a leader in the treatment of many diseases. During the treatment, doctors use both classical and innovative methods.

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