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The most common reasons for the development of proctological problems are constipation, a sedentary lifestyle, dietary habits (abuse of spicy, flour, fatty foods, alcohol), pregnancy and childbirth, stress, congenital malformations, trauma. They lead to intestinal inflammation, impairment of its motor function and microflora, trauma to the mucous membrane, and dilatation of the veins of the distal intestine. This is how diseases of the colon and rectum, anus occur: colitis, cryptitis, papillitis, paraproctitis, anal fissures, hemorrhoids, dysbiosis, polyps and condylomatosis of the rectum and anal canal, epithelial coccygeal passage, etc.

Common manifestations of proctological diseases are abdominal pain, discomfort and itching of the anus, diarrhea or constipation, proctalgia, the presence of blood in the stool, mucopurulent discharge from the anus.

The delicacy of the problem and the feeling of bashfulness lead to the fact that many patients prefer to endure for a long time and do not seek medical help. Meanwhile, proctological diseases cause physical and psychological discomfort and can lead to serious damage to the body as a whole. The most dangerous consequences of diseases of the colon, rectum and anus are the involvement of the organs of the genitourinary system and the upper parts of the digestive tract in the pathological process, purulent-septic complications. Many proctological diseases serve as a background for the development of malignant neoplasms. Therefore, a visit to the proctologist should be made when the first suspicious symptoms appear.

Modern proctology uses high-precision and safe diagnostic techniques that allow the doctor to make the correct diagnosis: digital examination of the rectum, instrumental endoscopic methods (colonoscopy, sigmoidoscopy, anoscopy), X-ray examination (irrigoscopy), clinical and bacteriological laboratory methods (blood tests, coprogram, biopsy of neoplasms and tissues), computed and magnetic resonance imaging. Many diagnostic methods require special preparation of the large intestine, freeing it from feces by setting a cleansing enema or taking a laxative.

Treatment of proctological diseases is based on an integrated basis. It includes nutritional therapy, physiotherapy, psychotherapeutic procedures, antibacterial therapy, and, if indicated, surgery.

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Askonamed clinic specializes in Women's Health, Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery Center of Expert level. Besides, the clinic has departments in other fields of Medicine, like psychiatry, cardiology, rheumatology, gastroenterology, neurology, endocrinology, dermatology, coloproctology, ophthalmology, otorhinolaryngology and others.
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Morozovskaya Children’s City Clinical Hospital
The largest children's hospital in Russia and Europe. More than a third of the total number of hospitalized children in Moscow falls on the Morozovskaya hospital. Located on nine hectares in the historical center of the capital, it resembles a small town in its spirit. It is a multidisciplinary (31 profiles) clinical hospital and has 48 departments, including 34 clinical ones.
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SM-Clinic (Cheremushki)
SM-Clinic on Novocheremushkinskaya str. (Novye Cheremushki metro station) is a multidisciplinary medical center for adults and children opened in September 2019. The clinic is a six-storey building with an area of about 7,000 square meters and is equipped with modern high-tech equipment.
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Medical Center “Global Clinic”
Global Clinic brings together the efforts of the city's leading specialists who have deep knowledge in their specialization, thanks to their work experience and training in well-known Russian medical institutions, as well as from foreign colleagues. Here work candidates of medical sciences, doctors of the highest category, members of the Associations of Colo-Proctologists and Urologists of Russia.

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SMT-Clinic is a universal medical center. Here you can solve any health problem - from the simplest to the most difficult. Here you can and should be treated with the whole family: we are waiting for everyone, from newborns to pensioners. Both children and their parents and grandparents will receive high-quality diagnostics. In one place, quickly and comfortably.

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Medical Center “Healthy Family”
The Healthy Family Medical Support Center is not simply called that, the clinic is focused on health prevention, treatment and diagnostics for children and adults. Be always healthy, and if you need professional medical care, we are always glad to see you in our medical center!

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