Narcological problems - treatment in Russia

Narcology is a branch of clinical medicine that studies chronic physical and mental addiction to chemicals. Substance abuse problems include drug addiction, alcoholism and various substance abuse. The main tasks of drug addiction doctors are timely detection of addictions, selection of effective methods of treatment and rehabilitation, prevention of relapses, as well as preventive work to prevent alcoholism, substance abuse and drug addiction.
is treated in 1 hospitals
is treated in 1 hospitals
is treated in 1 hospitals

1 hospitals in Russia that treat  Narcological problems

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European Medical Center in Moscow
JCI accreditation (USA)
European Medical Center EMC

European Medical Center in Moscow is assembled a unique international team of experts – more than 600 doctors from the USA, Western Europe, Israel and Russia work together to benefit patients. Teamwork is a distinctive feature of EMC, it is an advantage that helps to achieve excellent results in treatment. Here combine experience and knowledge in different fields of medicine to find the right solutions and help patients even in the most difficult cases.

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