Cosmetology in Russia (23 hospitals, prices 2024, addresses and photos of clinics, etc.)

Cosmetology in Russia

Cosmetology is a direction of aesthetic medicine that studies the problems of a person's appearance, their etiology, manifestations, as well as the development and application of means and methods for correcting the appearance. The main organ, the object of influence in cosmetology is the skin with its appendages, their diseases and age-related changes. The purpose of cosmetology is the regulation of metabolic processes in the skin and the maximum distance from the external manifestations of its aging. Cosmetology uses hardware, manual, injection techniques, natural factors, medicinal preparations of various cosmetic lines.

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23 Hospitals

Here you can find information about Russian hospitals that carry out Cosmetology procedures.
They specialize in face and body care to prolong skin youthfulness and eliminate blemishes. Highly qualified cosmetologists who are able to provide assistance with age-related changes, acne, the presence of age spots and other aesthetic deficiencies are received in medical institutions. They will also help you choose the right beauty products for your personal care.
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Factor Smile at Varshavskaya street
At the Smile Factor on Varshavskaya, your trusted dentistry in the Kirovsky district of St. Petersburg, we offer a wide range of dental services for all ages. Our qualified doctors use painless methods of treatment and use only proven high-quality materials, so we guarantee the reliability and quality of all work performed.
Grandmed is a clinic of the highest category, located in the very center of St. Petersburg. For more than 20 years we have been a leader in the medical services market. The continuity of entire generations of doctors, the fusion of experience and professionalism, verified techniques and innovative ideas is what helps the clinic to develop and realize the desires of patients even more effectively.
SM-Clinic VDNKh
SM-Clinic is a multidisciplinary medical holding begins its history from 2002. At the present moment SM-Clinic is a chain with 24 clinics in Moscow and Moscow region, Saint Petersburg and Ryazan. SM-Clinic on Yaroslavskaya street is one of the biggest medical centers of the holding. The clinic currently employs 145 doctors, including 33 candidates of medical science, 4 doctors of medicine, 2 prof
Clinic Konstanta
The fundamental principle in the work of our Clinic is safety and reliability. Our clients are successful, active people who value their time and prefer high-quality medical services, a high level of service, convenience, comfort and prestige.

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JSC Medicine (Clinic of Academician Roitberg)
Academic approach to treatment. Expert level. The international cooperation. Individual approach to everyone. More than 15 service programs. No queues. Government Prize. 5 * clinic.
Accomodation assistance

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Clinic of Doctor Grigorenko
Our Clinic employs a team of professionals with fundamental knowledge in the field of medicine, diverse clinical experience, have the highest qualification category, and an academic degree. Work experience from 9 to 40 years.

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