Teeth Diseases - treatment in Russia (34 hospitals, prices 2024, photos and addresses of clinics, etc.)

Teeth Diseases - treatment in Russia

Dental diseases of the teeth are a group of pathologies that affect the enamel, gums, oral cavity, as well as the jaw and chewing muscles. Dentists call them harmless to humans, since the percentage of deaths is negligible. However, it is these disorders that determine the general well-being of the patient: they affect self-esteem, the inner feeling of comfort.

Experts recommend not to start the situation and closely monitor the condition of the dentition. Due attention helps to avoid the occurrence of serious complications, as well as to promptly identify defects that need correction.

The health of teeth, gums and oral cavity depends on a huge number of factors that combine the lifestyle of a person as a whole and the impact on his health of the environment. To varying degrees, the following elements have a direct impact on dental health:

  • Nutrition. The diet, quality and nature of the foods consumed affect the condition of the teeth. Tooth enamel is sensitive to drinks and food that are too hot or too cold; excessively hard foods can damage the integrity of the tooth.
  • Hygiene. If the rules of oral hygiene are not followed, pieces of food that have not been removed become the cause of the multiplication of bacteria, provoking the process of decay. Improper brushing of teeth contributes to the accumulation of plaque, the formation of tartar, etc.
  • Diseases. Inflammatory processes in the mouth or nasopharynx can aggravate existing dental problems or provoke new ones. In addition, chronic infection weakens the body’s defenses, reducing immunity.
  • Environmental factors. The quality of the water used for cooking and drinking directly affects the health of the oral cavity and the body as a whole.

In Russian clinics, dentists successfully treat diseases of the teeth and gums and strongly recommend that if a pain symptom, inflammation or other discomfort occurs, immediately contact dentistry!

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is treated in 34 hospitals
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is treated in 18 hospitals
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is treated in 34 hospitals
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34 Hospitals

Here you can find information about Russian hospitals that treat Teeth Diseases.

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Additional services
Factor Smile at Varshavskaya street
At the Smile Factor on Varshavskaya, your trusted dentistry in the Kirovsky district of St. Petersburg, we offer a wide range of dental services for all ages. Our qualified doctors use painless methods of treatment and use only proven high-quality materials, so we guarantee the reliability and quality of all work performed.
Factor Smile at Sireneviy bulvar
By visiting the "Smile Factor" on Sireneviy boulevard, you can be absolutely sure that our qualified specialists will successfully cope with any diseases of the oral cavity, regardless of their complexity. We use only the most modern technologies and treatment methods that meet international standards, thereby providing high-quality, comfortable and painless treatment.
DocMed IVF and Women’s Health Center
Docmed IVF reproductologists work on modern equipment. It is impossible to confuse biomaterial with the Witness system, and with ORIGIO technologies, all manipulations are fast and efficient. The clinic has its own laboratory, cryostore, donor bank, as well as an operating room and a convenient day hospital.
Factor Smile at Narodnogo opolcheniya street
At the "Factor Smile" at the Narodnogo opolcheniya street, your dentistry in the Moskovsky district of St. Petersburg, we offer a full range of dental services for adults and children. Our doctors, having a wealth of experience, are ready to effectively solve any problems with teeth and gums, regardless of their complexity. We follow international standards for the quality of treatment, while main
Olymp of Health Family Medicine Center
The Olymp of Health Family Medicine Center is a multidisciplinary medical clinic providing comprehensive services for the preservation and restoration of health at any age.
Volgograd Regional Clinical Hospital No. 1
Volgograd Regional Clinical Hospital No. 1, founded in 1905, is the largest multidisciplinary clinic in the region, providing planned, urgent and emergency medical care 24/7 to patients from the districts of the region and Volgograd, as well as other regions and countries.

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