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Eye diseases can occur at any age: they can be genetically determined, congenital, acquired. In children, a significant decrease and loss of vision leads to a delay in mental development, negatively affects the speech function, the motor sphere in the future, forms distorted, fuzzy, fragmentary ideas about the surrounding reality, makes it difficult to establish social ties and behavioral skills in society. In this regard, the system of early care in ophthalmology provides for screening of newborns, young children, preschool and school age in order to identify subclinical signs of eye diseases (retinopathy of prematurity, strabismus, amblyopia, glaucoma, cataracts, myopia, farsightedness, etc.) and the provision of early corrective medical and pedagogical assistance.

Acquired eye diseases can be associated with general and infectious human diseases: vitamin A deficiency, measles rubella, diabetes mellitus, trauma, chronic foci of bacterial infection, hypertension, atherosclerosis, renal pathology, neurological diseases, pathology of pregnancy, etc. ophthalmology diagnoses eye diseases characterized by abnormalities in the optical apparatus of the eye – hyperopia, presbyopia, myopia, astigmatism, etc. A large group of eye diseases is inflammatory pathology of various structures of the organ of vision – conjunctivitis, keratitis, blepharitis, iridocyclitis, retinitis, uvulemitis, endophthaemitis etc. Traumatic damage to the structures of the eye is extremely dangerous in its consequences – burns, mechanical damage to the eyes, the ingress of foreign bodies.

Eye diseases can develop acutely or gradually, suddenly declaring themselves with a sharp decrease in vision. This kind of pathology, first of all, includes diseases of the neurovascular apparatus of the eye: atrophy of the optic nerve, ischemic neuropathy of the optic nerve, occlusion of the retinal arteries and veins, chorioretinal dystrophy, etc. age, chronic diseases of the heart and blood vessels, metabolic diseases, unfavorable environmental conditions, stress, smoking, deficiency of vitamins and rare trace elements (zinc, selenium), etc.

The last decades have been marked by the rapid development of ophthalmology. At the disposal of specialists today are modern equipment, innovative technologies, minimally invasive techniques. To identify eye diseases, a wide range of diagnostic techniques is used – test, biometric, ultrasound, electrophysiological, X-ray, optical, laboratory, etc. Laser devices used for vision correction, treatment of corneal and retinal pathology, glaucoma and cataracts have found wide application in eye surgery. … Traditional medical manipulations, hardware methods of vision correction, microsurgical techniques for treating eye diseases have not lost their relevance in ophthalmology. Today, most surgical interventions in ophthalmology can be performed on an outpatient basis.

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Medical Center “Healthy Family”
The Healthy Family Medical Support Center is not simply called that, the clinic is focused on health prevention, treatment and diagnostics for children and adults. Be always healthy, and if you need professional medical care, we are always glad to see you in our medical center!

Available online consultations with doctors

National Medical Research Center named after V.A.Almazov
The uniqueness of the Center lies in the harmonious combination of fundamental and applied research in various fields with the provision of multidisciplinary specialized, including high-tech, medical care to the population and continuous interdisciplinary training of scientific and medical personnel.
Visa assistance

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Clinic “Mother and Child” Novokuibyshevsk
Clinic "Mother and Child" Novokuibyshevsk is a multidisciplinary medical center providing competent medical care for the whole family. Diagnostics and treatment of most diseases of adults and children is in our competence.
Clinic “KOSMA”
Family clinic "KOSMA" today is a multidisciplinary medical institution operating in accordance with federal medical standards with high quality service. Today, the clinic implements the knowledge, professional experience and mental potential of many doctors from among the most demanded doctors from this region.
Multidisciplinary clinic MEDSI in Barnaul
The multidisciplinary clinic MEDSI in the city of Barnaul provides its patients with a wide range of medical services in 18 medical specialties in accordance with uniform standards of service quality. Clients of insurance companies, employees of commercial, state and public organizations, as well as individuals can use the services of the MEDSI clinic in Barnaul.
Family Clinic of Doctor Pehl
The Family Clinic of Dr. Pel is a multidisciplinary clinic that provides qualified assistance to adults and children. The clinic provides all types of diagnostics, analyzes and services so that you are calm about your health and the health of your loved ones. The best doctors and innovative technologies are at the service of your health.

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