Psychiatry in Russia (14 hospitals, prices 2024, addresses and photos of clinics, etc.)

Psychiatry in Russia

Psychiatry is a branch of clinical medicine that deals with the study, diagnosis, treatment and prevention of mental disorders. In addition, psychiatrists carry out forensic psychiatric examination and decide on the isolation of persons with mental illness and behavioral disorders that pose a danger to themselves and others. The field of activity of psychiatrists partially overlaps with the field of activity of psychotherapists, clinical psychologists, narcologists, sexologists and neurologists. Psychiatrists work with therapists, cardiologists, gastroenterologists, endocrinologists and other general practitioners to diagnose and treat some mental disorders.

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14 Hospitals

Here you can find information about Russian hospitals that carry out Psychiatry procedures.
Psychiatric clinics offer all types of consultations: consultations of an adult and child psychiatrist, consultations of a psychologist and a psychotherapist, individual, family and online, as well as consultations of a correctional teacher, sexologist, somnologist, forensic expert and hypnotherapist. In many clinics, related specialists (narcologist, neurologist) are receiving visits.
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Olymp of Health Family Medicine Center
The Olymp of Health Family Medicine Center is a multidisciplinary medical clinic providing comprehensive services for the preservation and restoration of health at any age.
Siberian District Medical Centre of FMBA of Russia
The Federal State Budgetary Healthcare Institution "Siberian Regional Medical Center of the Federal Medical and Biological Agency" was established in 1926. At present, it is one of the most technologically advanced centers, using the up-to-date medical solutions and information technologies in the real-case scenarios.
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SM-Clinic (Senezhskaya)
SM-Clinic on Senezhskaya street is one of the biggest clinics for adults. More than 150 doctors in 40 medical specialties are working here. The clinic provides patients with conservative and operative treatment.
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Clinic Konstanta
The fundamental principle in the work of our Clinic is safety and reliability. Our clients are successful, active people who value their time and prefer high-quality medical services, a high level of service, convenience, comfort and prestige.

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Private children’s clinic EMC
Private Children's Clinic EMC offers the assistance of specialists in all major medical fields: pediatricians, neurologists, otorhinolaryngologists, ophthalmologists, gastroenterologists, cardiologists, dermatologists, endocrinologists, allergists, psychotherapists, surgeons and many others.
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Children’s clinic MEDSI on Pirogovskaya
Everything for the health of our little patients! One of the leading private children's clinics in Russia, located in the center of Moscow Multidisciplinary medical center for children from birth to 18 years old.

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