Diseases of veins and lymph nodes - treatment in Russia

Symptoms of venous diseases that require immediate attention to a phlebologist are fatigue, heaviness, cramps and pain in the legs, edema, vascular enlargements in the legs, the appearance of discoloration and thickening of the skin and subcutaneous tissues.

To assess the degree of venous circulation disorder and select further treatment tactics, diagnostics is carried out using ultrasound duplex scanning and ultrasound Doppler sonography – modern high-precision methods for studying the state of blood vessels. In the treatment of venous pathology, conservative methods (drug and compression therapy), non-surgical endovasal methods (laser coagulation, sclerotherapy of veins) and surgical methods of treatment are used.

In modern phlebology, low-traumatic methods of treating venous diseases, based on the use of endoscopic, laser, and radio-frequency technologies, have become widespread, allowing to minimize complications and the period of rehabilitation after the intervention. Timely started treatment allows you to achieve a good cosmetic result, which is especially important for women suffering from diseases of the veins of the lower extremities.

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Here you can find information about Russian hospitals that treat Diseases of veins and lymph nodes.

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Medical Center “Global Clinic”
Global Clinic brings together the efforts of the city's leading specialists who have deep knowledge in their specialization, thanks to their work experience and training in well-known Russian medical institutions, as well as from foreign colleagues. Here work candidates of medical sciences, doctors of the highest category, members of the Associations of Colo-Proctologists and Urologists of Russia.

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Da Vinchi Clinic
The Da Vinci Clinic is a multidisciplinary medical institution that provides assistance from the best doctors of various specialties, all the necessary diagnostic methods and modern methods of treatment.
National Medical Research Center named after V.A.Almazov
The uniqueness of the Center lies in the harmonious combination of fundamental and applied research in various fields with the provision of multidisciplinary specialized, including high-tech, medical care to the population and continuous interdisciplinary training of scientific and medical personnel.
Visa assistance

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Family Clinic of Doctor Pehl
The Family Clinic of Dr. Pel is a multidisciplinary clinic that provides qualified assistance to adults and children. The clinic provides all types of diagnostics, analyzes and services so that you are calm about your health and the health of your loved ones. The best doctors and innovative technologies are at the service of your health.
Multidisciplinary clinic “ProfiMedica”
The multidisciplinary medical center is equipped with the latest generation of medical equipment, which makes it possible to actively apply the most advanced technologies for diagnosing various diseases, provide high-quality treatment and carry out a full range of restorative measures.
Clinic of Modern Medicine
Clinic of Modern Medicine is a modern multifunctional private medical institution offering a wide range of diagnostic and therapeutic services. Equipped with high-tech equipment guarantees the accuracy and efficiency of the diagnosis. The service is provided to both adult patients and children. All medical activities of the clinic are carried out strictly under license.

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