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There is no doubt that the beauty of a person is purely individual. In youth, beauty is charming, in maturity it is perfect, in old age it is unique. Each person has his own unique beauty, which has endowed him with nature. However, not all people perceive their own appearance favorably. If somewhere nature made a mistake and did not award perfect forms, then this can deprive a person of self-confidence, interfere with building a career and personal relationships.

The problems of improving a person’s appearance are solved by cosmetic or aesthetic plastic surgery. It accounts for 1/3 of all plastic surgeries. Examples of aesthetic correction of imperfections in appearance are operations to correct the shape of the nose (rhinoplasty), auricles (otoplasty), anti-aging operations to eliminate wrinkles, etc.

The main direction of the activity of aesthetic and plastic surgery is the solution of problems associated with the elimination of defects and defects of the body caused by trauma or congenital defects to ensure the normal functioning of the human body. Reconstructive plastic surgery deals with these problems. The field of activity of reconstructive surgery is very diverse: from the removal of skin neoplasms to laborious operations for the reconstruction of skin, muscle and bone tissues.

Aesthetic and reconstructive surgery are closely related, use similar techniques and influence each other’s development. In addition, reconstructive surgery solves not only functional but also aesthetic problems.

In order to solve aesthetic problems, a number of operational and non-operational techniques are used to change the appearance and create aesthetic proportions of the body and face.

By itself, the elimination of aesthetic problems is not a panacea for solving psychological or social problems, therefore, the doctor, during a preliminary consultation, must assess the degree of risk and expectations of the patient. There are strictly defined indications and contraindications for aesthetic and plastic surgeries; preoperative examination and preparation are carried out before them. This allows you to minimize the risks of complications from the operation.

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Here you can find information about Russian hospitals that treat Aesthetic problems.

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International Medical Center “URO-PRO”
International Medical Center "URO-PRO" in Krasnodar is a modern clinic with high-tech equipment and doctors of international level. The path of 20 years has made it possible to achieve high results in such fields of medicine as: urology, proctology, gynecology, urogynecology, sexology, dermatology, neurology and many others.
Revital Park
Health clinic-sanatorium "Revital Park" offers its guests a whole range of various programs and procedures for full restoration of strength and health, detoxification of the body, correction of weight and shape, under the supervision of doctors of restorative medicine. The medical approach is based on the author's technique, proven by many years of experience in application.
Accomodation assistance
Family Clinic of Doctor Pehl
The Family Clinic of Dr. Pel is a multidisciplinary clinic that provides qualified assistance to adults and children. The clinic provides all types of diagnostics, analyzes and services so that you are calm about your health and the health of your loved ones. The best doctors and innovative technologies are at the service of your health.
Clinic of Modern Medicine
Clinic of Modern Medicine is a modern multifunctional private medical institution offering a wide range of diagnostic and therapeutic services. Equipped with high-tech equipment guarantees the accuracy and efficiency of the diagnosis. The service is provided to both adult patients and children. All medical activities of the clinic are carried out strictly under license.

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Clinic Europe
Medical Center "Europe" is a modern clinic that includes a 24-hour hospital with single and double wards, an intensive care unit, an operating unit and treatment rooms equipped with the latest technology.
Ekaterininskaya Clinic on Hero Yatskov street
Clinic Ekaterininskaya on Hero Yatskov street includes a multidisciplinary Surgery Center, which is equipped with advanced equipment from the best European manufacturers. The leading surgeons of the country perform operations within the walls of the clinic, using new medical technologies.

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