Dietetics in Russia

Dietetics is a modern branch of medicine that studies the nutritional problems of healthy and sick people. They turn to the initial consultation if there is a need to reduce weight and adjust the figure. Doctors of other specialties refer to a nutritionist if it is necessary to select a diet for the treatment of an existing disease. Together with other specialists, the nutritionist deals with the treatment of a wide range of pathologies of the gastrointestinal tract, endocrine, cardiovascular and urinary systems. In dietetics, anthropometric studies, bioimpedance measurements, and imaging methods are carried out. A balanced diet can be selected by a nutritionist.

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3 hospitals in Russia specialized in  Dietetics

They specialize in the preparation of individual diets, the selection of therapeutic nutrition, weight correction, the treatment of obesity and malnutrition, etc.
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SM-Clinic (Staropetrovsky)

SM-Clinic at Staropetrovsky proezd is one of the well experienced in providing high quality medical services to foreign patients of SM-Clinic Group. We are striving to provide best medical services to both local foreign residents and overseas visitors for treatment with English speaking doctor and medical coordinators.

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JSC Medicina

JSC Medicina is the largest private medical clinic in the center of Moscow. More than 340 specialists from 44 medical areas work within its walls, it has its own hospital and laboratory, an ambulance, the most powerful oncology center “Sofia”, a department of cardiac surgery, dentistry, sleep medicine, etc.

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Center of Oriental Medicine in Ulan Ude

Center of Oriental Medicine is located in Ulan Ude near Lake Baikal and is a unique medical diagnostic and medical center specializing in traditional medicine treatment combined with the achievements of the modern medical system.

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