Sanatoriums in Russia

Sanatorium is a medical and prophylactic institution for the treatment of patients with predominantly natural therapeutic physical factors (climate, mineral waters, etc.) in combination with physiotherapy, physiotherapy exercises and therapeutic nutrition, subject to a certain regimen, ensuring full treatment and rest of patients.

Sanatoriums in Russia are in every region of our country, and both natural factors and modern technical equipment are used for treatment and prevention.

Here you can find information about 14 Sanatoriums from 8 regions of Russia.
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Resort Goryachinsk
It is located on the shores of Lake Baikal in an amazingly beautiful bay framed by sandy beaches. The territory of the resort is decorated with a small warm pond and a park with centuries-old pines and cedars. The presence of natural healing factors, an abundance of gentle sun, the noise of the Baikal surf, clean ozonized forest air have a beneficial effect on the health of vacationers.
Sanatorium “Russia”
Sanatorium "Russia" is one of the largest modern sanatorium-resort complexes of the resort of Belokurikha, providing services of the European level: treatment and health improvement, active rest and SPA. The sanatorium is located in the center of the resort area, with a well-kept natural park of several hectares.
Sanatorium “Arkhangelskoe” of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation
The best techniques, the best specialists, a clear organization of the treatment process - everything that has been available to the elite for many years is now open to everyone. Today, the sanatorium still provides spa services of the standard quality, but they have become available to everyone who cares about their health.
Federal State Budgetary Institution of Healthcare “St. Petersburg House boarding house for veterans of science of the Russian Academy of Sciences”
It is possible to combine a trip to St. Petersburg and Tsarskoye Selo with sanatorium treatment and recovery after diseases, to gain experience in a popular recreation area-medical tourism, in a boarding house of the Russian Academy of Sciences!
Sanatorium “Aksakovskie Zori”
Our sanatorium is located in a picturesque area on the banks of the Pyalovskoye reservoir, in an ecologically clean area with an excellent microclimate. A beautiful mixed forest of deciduous and coniferous species, an orchard, thuja and birch alleys, shrubs, greenery, a pond, a reservoir, clean air, distance from industrial enterprises, fishing.
Sanatorium “Silver Spring”
The territory of the Silver Spring health resort occupies 5.4 hectares, located in the vicinity of a birch grove and a pine forest. There are many springs in the vicinity, the Nerskaya River flows and there is a lake with a beautiful sandy beach surrounded by centuries-old pine trees. Sanatorium "Silver Spring" was opened in 1989.

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