Narcology in Russia (3 hospitals, prices 2024, addresses and photos of clinics, etc.)

Narcology in Russia

Narcology is a branch of clinical medicine that studies chronic physical and mental addiction to chemicals. Substance abuse problems include drug addiction, alcoholism and various substance abuse. The main tasks of drug addiction doctors are timely detection of addictions, selection of effective methods of treatment and rehabilitation, prevention of relapses, as well as preventive work to prevent alcoholism, substance abuse and drug addiction.

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3 Hospitals

Here you can find information about Russian hospitals that carry out Narcology procedures.
They specialize in the diagnosis, therapy and prevention of nicotine, drug, alcohol and other psychological addictions. Experienced drug therapists conduct appointments in medical institutions who help patients to realize undesirable habits, understand the causes of their occurrence and overcome the desire to follow them.
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Medical Center “Rainbow of Health”
The specialists of our medical center, using a special approach to treating each patient, coupled with modern technologies, help you and your children to be healthy.
Family Clinic of Doctor Pehl
The Family Clinic of Dr. Pel is a multidisciplinary clinic that provides qualified assistance to adults and children. The clinic provides all types of diagnostics, analyzes and services so that you are calm about your health and the health of your loved ones. The best doctors and innovative technologies are at the service of your health.
European Medical Center EMC on Shchepkina street
European Medical Center in Moscow is assembled a unique international team of experts – more than 600 doctors from the USA, Western Europe, Israel and Russia work together to benefit patients. Teamwork is a distinctive feature of EMC, it is an advantage that helps to achieve excellent results in treatment. Here combine experience and knowledge in different fields of medicine to find the right solutions and help patients even in the most difficult cases.
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