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Phlebology is a relatively recent branch of practical and theoretical medicine, specializing in research, diagnosis, therapy and prevention of diseases of the venous and lymphatic system. It is considered a promising, actively developing area. In the process of diagnosing diseases of veins, lymph nodes and blood vessels, modern highly informative techniques are used. Treatment of phlebological pathologies includes conservative measures, traditional and innovative surgical methods. The main priorities of modern phlebology are an integrated approach, low trauma, thoughtfulness of preventive measures.

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Here you can find information about Russian hospitals that carry out Phlebology procedures.
They specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of venous diseases. In medical institutions, qualified vascular surgeons, ultrasound specialists, and phlebologists are receiving appointments. The medical center should be visited if the legs are heavy, have frequent cramps, numbness and swelling of the limbs. In specialized centers and clinics, phlebologists carry out complex treatment of thrombosis, thrombophlebitis, varicose veins, chronic venous insufficiency.
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Clinic Konstanta
The fundamental principle in the work of our Clinic is safety and reliability. Our clients are successful, active people who value their time and prefer high-quality medical services, a high level of service, convenience, comfort and prestige.

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JSC Medicine (Clinic of Academician Roitberg)
Academic approach to treatment. Expert level. The international cooperation. Individual approach to everyone. More than 15 service programs. No queues. Government Prize. 5 * clinic.
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Clinical Hospital “Mother and Child” in Tyumen
Clinical Hospital "Mother and Child" in Tyumen is a multidisciplinary hospital for the whole family. We have united within one walls the services of specialists, the possibility of examination and treatment for the whole family at all stages of life. By ensuring professional continuity and a collegial approach to treatment.
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Clinic of Doctor Grigorenko
Our Clinic employs a team of professionals with fundamental knowledge in the field of medicine, diverse clinical experience, have the highest qualification category, and an academic degree. Work experience from 9 to 40 years.
SM-Clinic (Cheremushki)
SM-Clinic on Novocheremushkinskaya str. (Novye Cheremushki metro station) is a multidisciplinary medical center for adults and children opened in September 2019. The clinic is a six-storey building with an area of about 7,000 square meters and is equipped with modern high-tech equipment.
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Medical Center “Global Clinic”
Global Clinic brings together the efforts of the city's leading specialists who have deep knowledge in their specialization, thanks to their work experience and training in well-known Russian medical institutions, as well as from foreign colleagues. Here work candidates of medical sciences, doctors of the highest category, members of the Associations of Colo-Proctologists and Urologists of Russia.

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