Maxillofacial Surgery in Russia

Oral and maxillofacial surgery is a branch of medicine specializing in the treatment of diseases and injuries of the bones of the facial skeleton, temporomandibular joints, soft tissues of the face and oral cavity. Closely associated with therapeutic and surgical dentistry, in some cases - with otolaryngology. Interventions in maxillofacial surgery include PHO of wounds, opening of purulent foci in the face, surgical and conservative methods of immobilization of fractures of the zygomatic bone, upper and lower jaw, arthroscopic methods of treatment and open surgery on the TMNS, as well as an extensive group of techniques used for cancer lesions tissues of the face and oral cavity.

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5 Hospitals

Here you can find information about Russian hospitals that carry out Maxillofacial Surgery procedures.
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Ilyinskaya Hospital
Ilyinsky Hospital is a modern polyclinic center that treats children and adults, helps in all urgent and planned cases. This is a family practice and outpatient and inpatient treatment with narrow specialists, ambulance and emergency care at home, this is patronage and palliative care, this is restorative medicine and prevention.
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Cost $130
Sechenov Moscow Medical University Clinical Center
Clinical Center of the First Moscow State Medical University is one of the three largest university clinics in Europe. The priority of the University Clinical Center is the provision of high-tech and specialized medical care by highly qualified specialists. More than 50% of surgical operations performed at the Clinical Center are endovideosurgical or robotic.
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Clinical Hospital on Yauza
Clinical Hospital on Yauza is located in Moscow and is a multidisciplinary medical center of a new generation with a team of leading specialists in all key areas of medicine.
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Federal Otolaryngology Center of Russia
Federal Otolaryngology Center of Russia one of the country's largest multidisciplinary medical institutions for the provision of specialized medical care, which unites a consultative and diagnostic center and more than 40 departments.
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European Medical Center EMC
JCI accreditation (USA)
European Medical Center EMC
European Medical Center in Moscow is assembled a unique international team of experts – more than 600 doctors from the USA, Western Europe, Israel and Russia work together to benefit patients. Teamwork is a distinctive feature of EMC, it is an advantage that helps to achieve excellent results in treatment. Here combine experience and knowledge in different fields of medicine to find the right solutions and help patients even in the most difficult cases.
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