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Urological diseases of men, women, children and the elderly have their own characteristics of development and course, which is explained by the anatomical, physiological and age characteristics of their organisms. Among the pathology of the male genitourinary system, inflammatory processes (orchitis and epididymitis, urethritis, balanoposthitis, prostatitis, cystitis), prostate adenoma, and genital infections are more common. Female urological diseases are urethritis, cystitis, sexually transmitted infections and their consequences. Both men and women have urolithiasis, pyelonephritis, tumors of the genitourinary organs, chronic renal failure. In childhood, congenital anomalies of the genitourinary system, cystitis and enuresis are more common. Among the urological problems in the elderly, urinary incontinence and neoplastic formations come to the fore.

The most common manifestations of diseases of the genitourinary system are urinary disorders (increased frequency or delay), pain in the lumbar region, in the genital area, burning and itching of the genitals, abnormal discharge from the urethra, sexual dysfunction, change in the amount or color of urine, edema.

Diseases of the genitourinary system are by no means harmless. Their consequences lead to the development of chronic foci of infection, impotence, infertility, the need for a donor kidney transplant, and even death. For a man, a urologist is as important a doctor as a gynecologist is for a woman. Therefore, regardless of complaints, visits to the urologist should be regular, at least 1-2 times a year.

Modern diagnostic capabilities of urology are very great. Laboratory methods are used to study urine and urethral discharge, ultrasound and X-ray diagnostics, endoscopic (urethroscopy and cystoscopy), instrumental (puncture biopsy, catheterization, bougienage), measuring diagnostic methods (cystometry, urofluometry), etc.

Treatment of urogenital pathology has its own specific characteristics. Since many urological diseases are sexually transmitted, both sexual partners need to undergo appropriate treatment. Diseases of the genitourinary system are an intimate sphere of human life, therefore, the doctor is required to show maximum sensitivity and psychological support to patients in their treatment. Urological diseases affect the sexual function of men and women, therefore, their adequate and timely treatment allows you to maintain sexual health and family well-being. Surgical treatment of urological problems can be aimed not only at normalizing the functioning of the genitourinary apparatus, but also at aesthetic correction, which allows patients to get rid of many psychological complexes.

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Clinic “Mother and Child” Novokuibyshevsk
Clinic "Mother and Child" Novokuibyshevsk is a multidisciplinary medical center providing competent medical care for the whole family. Diagnostics and treatment of most diseases of adults and children is in our competence.
Clinic “KOSMA”
Family clinic "KOSMA" today is a multidisciplinary medical institution operating in accordance with federal medical standards with high quality service. Today, the clinic implements the knowledge, professional experience and mental potential of many doctors from among the most demanded doctors from this region.
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Multidisciplinary clinic MEDSI in Barnaul
The multidisciplinary clinic MEDSI in the city of Barnaul provides its patients with a wide range of medical services in 18 medical specialties in accordance with uniform standards of service quality. Clients of insurance companies, employees of commercial, state and public organizations, as well as individuals can use the services of the MEDSI clinic in Barnaul.
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Family Clinic of Doctor Pehl
The Family Clinic of Dr. Pel is a multidisciplinary clinic that provides qualified assistance to adults and children. The clinic provides all types of diagnostics, analyzes and services so that you are calm about your health and the health of your loved ones. The best doctors and innovative technologies are at the service of your health.
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Multidisciplinary clinic “ProfiMedica”
The multidisciplinary medical center is equipped with the latest generation of medical equipment, which makes it possible to actively apply the most advanced technologies for diagnosing various diseases, provide high-quality treatment and carry out a full range of restorative measures.
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Clinic of Modern Medicine
Clinic of Modern Medicine is a modern multifunctional private medical institution offering a wide range of diagnostic and therapeutic services. Equipped with high-tech equipment guarantees the accuracy and efficiency of the diagnosis. The service is provided to both adult patients and children. All medical activities of the clinic are carried out strictly under license.
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Available online consultation with doctor.
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