ENT (eye, nose, throat) diseases - treatment in Russia

Diseases of the ear, nose and throat accompany a person from early childhood throughout life. For the most part, these diseases are inflammatory in nature, since the ENT organs are closely connected and are in constant interaction with the environment. The mucous membranes of the ENT organs contain a large number of opportunistic microorganisms, which, at the slightest imbalance in the body, turn into pathogenic and lead to disease.

Among the most common diseases of the nasal cavity are adenoids, rhinitis, sinusitis, sinusitis, trauma to the nasal septum, and nosebleeds. Of the ear diseases, otitis media, tympanitis, eustachitis, and traumatic injuries are common. Common diseases of the throat include laryngitis, pharyngitis, chronic tonsillitis, and other acute and chronic conditions. Metropolitan areas with their great overcrowding and poor ecology are a particularly favorable background for the development of ENT diseases.

Diseases of the ear, nose and throat are often complications of previous viral infections and develop against the background of a weakened immune system. Each of the numerous diseases of the ENT organs has its own symptoms and clinical picture. Particular vigilance should be caused by the appearance of the following symptoms: persistent headaches, swollen submandibular lymph nodes, sore throat and ears, impairment of hearing and smell, difficulty in nasal breathing, nasal or ear discharge. If, after a cold, several of the listed symptoms are present at once, then we can talk about advanced inflammation.

Delaying treatment or self-treatment of any ENT pathology is fraught with serious health consequences. Disease of one of these organs can cause complications from the other. Often a banal runny nose causes complications such as otitis media or sinusitis. Therefore, their treatment should always be interconnected and complex. Prolonged inflammation of the nose, ear and throat can also cause damage to other organs: heart, kidneys, joints. In addition, the anatomical proximity to the brain and eyes, the developed innervation and blood supply to the head makes ENT diseases one of the most serious in terms of the development of life-threatening complications.

Modern methods for the diagnosis of ENT pathology include laboratory tests, endoscopic and computer studies of the nose, throat, and ear, ultrasound, puncture of the paranasal sinuses.

The most important task in the treatment of otolaryngological diseases is to prevent the transition of the disease into a chronic form. In the treatment of ENT pathology, therapeutic (medication, physiotherapy) and surgical methods are used. In recent years, minimally invasive laser and endoscopic methods have been actively used for the treatment of otolaryngological pathology, as well as methods of cosmetic and plastic surgery.

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Askonamed clinic specializes in Women's Health, Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery Center of Expert level. Besides, the clinic has departments in other fields of Medicine, like psychiatry, cardiology, rheumatology, gastroenterology, neurology, endocrinology, dermatology, coloproctology, ophthalmology, otorhinolaryngology and others.
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Morozovskaya Children’s City Clinical Hospital
The largest children's hospital in Russia and Europe. More than a third of the total number of hospitalized children in Moscow falls on the Morozovskaya hospital. Located on nine hectares in the historical center of the capital, it resembles a small town in its spirit. It is a multidisciplinary (31 profiles) clinical hospital and has 48 departments, including 34 clinical ones.
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Private children’s clinic EMC
Private Children's Clinic EMC offers the assistance of specialists in all major medical fields: pediatricians, neurologists, otorhinolaryngologists, ophthalmologists, gastroenterologists, cardiologists, dermatologists, endocrinologists, allergists, psychotherapists, surgeons and many others.
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Children’s clinic MEDSI on Pirogovskaya
Everything for the health of our little patients! One of the leading private children's clinics in Russia, located in the center of Moscow Multidisciplinary medical center for children from birth to 18 years old.
SM-Clinic (Cheremushki)
SM-Clinic on Novocheremushkinskaya str. (Novye Cheremushki metro station) is a multidisciplinary medical center for adults and children opened in September 2019. The clinic is a six-storey building with an area of about 7,000 square meters and is equipped with modern high-tech equipment.
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SMT-Clinic is a universal medical center. Here you can solve any health problem - from the simplest to the most difficult. Here you can and should be treated with the whole family: we are waiting for everyone, from newborns to pensioners. Both children and their parents and grandparents will receive high-quality diagnostics. In one place, quickly and comfortably.

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