SM-Clinic VDNKh, Moscow, Russia (prices 2024, photos, address, specialization, etc.)

SM-Clinic VDNKh

Part of medical group SM-Clinic.
Address: Yaroslavskaya street 4/2.
Year of foundation: 2010.
Accepts: Adults and Children patients.
Has Intensive care unit.
Inpatient department: Day and 24-hour.
Types of wards: Single, Double, VIP.
Doctors: 150.
SM-Clinic VDNKh

About clinic

Fields of medicine:

  • Inpatient unit for adults 24/7
  • Orthopaedics and traumatology
    Neurosurgery (spinal surgery)
  • Emergency surgery (acute appendicitis, strangulation of hernia, stomach and duodenal ulcer, acute pancreatitis, obstructive jaundice, renal colic, peritonitis, urinary stone disease, ovarian apoplexy, uterine bleeding, ectopic pregnancy, urinary retention, hematuria)
  • Adult dentistry
  • CITO tests (in 2 hours in own lab)
  • Ultrasound, CT, MRI, X-ray, endoscopy, functional diagnostics
  • Gastroenterology
  • Cardiology
  • Oncology
  • Endocrinology
  • Dermatology
  • Manual therapy
  • and many more

Surgery Center

SM-Clinic specialists perform scheduled and emergency surgeries in almost all medical fields.

Our highly qualified surgeons perform the widest range of abdominal surgeries under hospital conditions and all types of outpatient surgeries. Phlebologists conduct laser treatment of varicose veins, sclerotherapy, phlebectomy. The hospital performs all urological and gynecological operations using modern equipment, which reduces the length of stay to 1 day.


One of the priority activities of the clinic is ophthalmology.

We offer:

  • all types of eye disease treatment
  • non-surgical vision correction (matching of contact lenses and glasses)
  • treatment of glaucoma according to the author's method (medication, surgery and laser)
  • cataracts, retinal dystrophy treatment
  • strabismus surgical treatment, ptosis
  • tear ducts surgery
  • preoperative preparation before laser correction of vision


The entire spectrum of microsurgical ear surgeries under microscope control is performed on Yaroslavskaya street. Our doctors perform unique surgeries to restore hearing in patients with Meniere's disease. Such operations require a high-tech equipment and are performed about 10 times a year in Moscow, our surgeons also successfully carry it out.

We offer a comprehensive range of medical specialties and services to adults and children.


Additional services and facilities


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