4 sanatoriums in Crimea, Russia (prices 2024, reviews, accomodation options)

Sanatoriums in Crimea

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Palmira Palace Resort & SPA 4*
The Palmira Palace Resort & SPA 4 * hotel is located in the resort village of Kurpaty, in the former royal residence "Kichkine", which belonged to Grand Duke Dmitry Konstantinovich. The resort village is located between Oreanda and Gaspra, in the eastern part of the unique Yalta Reserve.
Mriya Resort & SPA
Mriya Resort & SPA is the world's leading premium resort, located on the southern coast of Crimea between a picturesque mountain range and endless sea. Over the years, the hotel has received recognition from the international tourism community and has won 25 international, 26 European and 15 Russian awards in the hospitality industry.
Sanatorium “GOLDEN RESORT”
"GOLDEN RESORT" invites you to spend an unforgettable vacation on the Black Sea coast, in the very heart of the Crimean Riviera - the city of Alushta. The crystal clear air of the Crimean mountains, mixing with the fresh sea breeze, turns into an airy cocktail, equally useful for both children and adults, and the warm southern sun gives a beautiful bronze tan to all beach lovers!
Sanatorium “Morskoy Priboy”
Sanatorium "Morskoy Priboy" is comfortably located in the village of Koreiz (Big Yalta) on the very seashore, surrounded by a beautiful park with relict trees, close to such iconic sights of the South Bank as the Vorontsov Palace and the cable car to Mount Ai-Petri.