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European Medical Center EMC
Clinic accepts: Adults and Children patients.

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European Medical Center in Moscow is assembled a unique international team of experts – more than 600 doctors from the USA, Western Europe, Israel and Russia work together to benefit patients. Teamwork is a distinctive feature of EMC, it is an advantage that helps to achieve excellent results in treatment. Here combine experience and knowledge in different fields of medicine to find the right solutions and help patients even in the most difficult cases.

European Medical Center in Moscow is the No. 1 private high-tech care hospital which provides treatment in all areas of medicine both for adults and children.

Center has the necessary equipment for a comprehensive diagnosis of any disease and uses the most advanced medical technologies: molecular imaging (PET / CT), robotic surgery, the latest methods of radiation therapy and radiosurgery, the latest generation angiographic system for performing endovascular operations.

When it comes to a difficult diagnosis, about a disease that requires an integrated approach, it is important to participate in the treatment of specialists of various profiles. More than 50 medical directions are represented at European Medical Center in Moscow, unique centers of competence have been created to provide assistance to patients with oncological, neurological, cardiovascular and autoimmune diseases, surgical pathologies, and injuries of any severity.

For 30 years European Medical Center has been working at the level of the best world standards, introducing and developing advanced treatment methods to maintain the health of our patients.


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