Clinic "KOSMA"

Year of foundation: 1998.
Accepts: Adults and Children patients.
Doctors: 93.
Clinic “KOSMA”

About clinic

The clinic, having begun its history with a private office, is actively growing, introducing new directions, opening the reception of new highly qualified doctors.

Some of our patients have been observed in the clinic from the very beginning, for several generations, which speaks of great trust in the clinic and its doctors.

The entire path of development of the clinic is a response to the needs of our patients.

All doctors of the clinic are highly qualified specialists.

The clinic also strives to provide a high level of service, technical equipment, comfort within the walls of the clinic - quality in everything for the benefit of the health of our patients. Therefore, in all services, from administrators to management staff, only professionals work.

93 doctors

93 leading doctors of the Samara region are receiving appointments at the KOSMA Family Clinic, including several doctors within the same specialty. Thus, patients can choose a doctor (according to a narrow specialization, schedule, length of service or cost of admission).

Also, the medical team has the opportunity to conduct consultations in the management of complex clinical cases.

40 medical specialties

Versatility creates the basis for comprehensive health monitoring, examinations and consultations of various profiles, if indicated.

The clinic carries out the attachment of children according to subscription programs, monitoring of pregnancy, preparation of medical records for kindergarten and school.

Leading doctors of the region

There are no “random” doctors in the clinic, there are only doctors “by vocation”. These are doctors with significant experience, rich work experience, or young talented specialists who have already earned respect in the professional environment and among patients.

Work experience and advanced knowledge

The doctors of the clinic regularly improve their qualifications at specialized courses and medical conferences of regional, national and international scales, monitor innovations in medicine.

70% of doctors from the inpatient department

More than 70% of the doctors at the KOSMA clinic are doctors from the largest hospitals in Samara. They have invaluable experience in working with complex cases, thanks to which, during consultations in the clinic, they can exclude or diagnose many serious diseases in the early stages, identify risks in time and prevent the development of complications, and most importantly, competently prescribe the most effective treatment taking into account all fundamental and practical knowledge.

In the clinic "KOSMA" there is an opportunity to attend the reception of doctors in demand in the city, to whom it is difficult to get a consultation in large hospitals:

  • SOKB them. V.D. Seredavin (formerly named after M.I. Kalinin),
  • SGB ​​them. N.N.Ivanova ("The first children's city"),
  • SGB ​​them. N.I. Pirogova,
  • SOKOB them. T.I. Eroshevsky (regional eye hospital),
  • Samara Regional Clinical Oncological Dispensary,
  • SOKOD (cardio dispensary), etc.

More than 95,000 patients

Residents of both the Samara region and other regions and countries apply to the clinic. A significant number of patients come from Kazakhstan to osteopaths, chiropractors, pediatric neurologists, ophthalmologists, as well as for associated diagnostic studies (for example, ultrasound) due to the lack of these specialists. For the passage of the author's programs of osteopathic treatment, the clinic is visited by patients from Europe, Bashkortostan, as well as the entire territory of Russia: Moscow, Sakhalin, Khanty-Mansiysk and other cities.

Accurate diagnosis

The reliability of the diagnosis is ensured by compliance with the standards of the Ministry of the Russian Federation for examination for each disease. Doctors follow the following procedure:

  • Definition of complaints.
  • Taking into account the general state of health and the results of previous studies.
  • Examination at the doctor's appointment.

Appointment of medical tests, ultrasound or other studies, consultations of related specialists, according to indications in accordance with the standards of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation.
Establishing an accurate diagnosis to prescribe the most effective treatment.

Modern equipment

The vast possibilities of modern medicine are largely based on technological scientific advances. Family clinic "KOSMA" is actively introducing advanced technologies in the field of ophthalmology, gynecology, ultrasound examinations, equipment for manipulation, laboratory diagnostics and other areas.

Effective treatment

The goal of the doctors of the KOSMA Family Clinic is to provide effective assistance to the patient. Due to adherence to the standards of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, the factor of polypharmacy (excessive counseling and treatment), which some patients fear when contacting private medical institutions, is excluded.

Many patients find relief and health in the KOSMA clinic, which is confirmed by numerous positive reviews.

Combination of academic and traditional knowledge

Doctors prescribe both classic medicines and homeopathic medicines. Both osteopathic, manual treatment and classical massage, various procedures are carried out.


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Location and address

Samara, 5th proseka, 99b

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